Welcome to Ganesh Metal

The Compony was established in 1970 as a tiny unit with a very meager capital. At the initial stage, we started manufacturing sugar machinery, equipment and parts.The Company established its credibility in the market because of its quuality, durability and timely, committed delivery of items manufactured and supplied.

The Company diversified its activities of manufacturing in other items like Mill House, Boiling House and Drier House of the sugar industry. By now our Compony had made a name in the sugar industry for manufturing machinery, equipment and parts not only in india but across the borders of the country.

In addition, we have diversified our activities to include other industries like Cement Plant, Thermal Power Plants, Ston Crushing Steel Plants & Power Press Spares & equipments.


Our Product Range

  • Juice Heaters
  • Six Roller Sugar Mills
  • Industrial Gears
  • Gear and Shafts
  • Mill Headstocks
  • Worm Wheels
  • Conveyor Rollers
  • Stainless Steel Tubes
  • Bronze Pads
  • Loaders And Unloaders
  • Can Cutters
  • Industrial Bushes And Rods
  • Mill Roller Bearings
  • Industrial Valves
  • Plumber Blocks
  • Swing Hammer Fibrizors
  • Scrappers
  • Mill Assemblies
  • Cement Plant Trunnion
  • Copper Clamps
  • Turbine Bearings
  • Sugar Mill Couplings
  • Cane Loaders
  • Chain Links And Assemblies
  • Bearing Housings And Castings
  • Vacuum Pans And Crystallizers
  • Shaft Pinions